AR book MIT.


Darko Bilandžić


AR,Branding, UI/UX Design,
Mobile Design


May 28th, 2023


Darko Bilandžić
Mirna Šuljug

MIT presents innovative ways of using multimedia in a museum environment. This book presents
a comprehensive guide that will take you through the various aspects of multimedia marketing, highlighting
its importance and advantages in the promotion of art, culture and history. To see it live check out: LINK

Breaf & idea.

With MitAR app, you can bring your reading experience to life by using your smartphone or tablet to interact with the content of the book. Explore 3D models, animations, and interactive features that enhance your understanding of the book content. Whether you’re a marketing professional, a student, or simply a book lover, our augmented reality app will take your reading to the next level. Download now and start exploring!



An interactive experience combining technology and culture to give the user a glimpse of the future.

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